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The New Video

A couple of observations on the box set:

Chris Charlesworth has done a monumental job of choosing the selections,
keeping both the general public and serious fans (this one at least)
happy.  I wouldn't have included "Squeeze Box," but I certainly wouldn't
have held myself out as being capable of producing the whole set, so
I'll live with Chris' choices.  Also, from what live recordings Chris
included, my mind boggles at the clear implication of how much live
recording there is that he _didn't_ include.

Thought it was interesting that "Saturday Night's..." was the last
selection, and I was wondering why it merited inclusion, but then it
struck me that that may well be the last recording ever done by The Who
as The Who, so the box set contains the first and last things they ever
recorded.  Nice thought, again, on Chris' part.

Each of the four CDs has a slip insert with a picture of a member of the
band as a teenager and at a considerably older age, standing more or
less "shoulder to shoulder," as if they were taken at the same time.
However, Keith's is the only one in which the younger person is
"standing in front of" the older; in Roger, Pete, and John's, the older
person is clearly "in front of" the younger.  Anyone have any
interpretation of the meaning of this?

Now a question after a first-through listen:

"A Quick One" starts with the studio version, then cuts after "Dang,
dang, dang, dang" into the Rock and Roll Circus live version.  At first
listen I started to seriously question whether the live part is the same
as I'm used to hearing in _The Kids Are Alright_.  Does anyone have an
opinions on whether it _is_ the same, with a very different mix, or was
another take altogether used for all or part of this live segment?

As for the video, I wouldn't say it is better than KAAR, probably
because it has far fewer interview segments.  I'd say it is of similar
value, which is to say, very high.  For those who want nothing but The
Who live, the recent video clearly has more.  KAAR is better at
conveying the personalities of the band and surrounding personnel.  I
wouldn't want to have to choose between having one but not the other.