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The New Video


Im new to the list, and glad to have found it.   I bought the boxset
last Tuesday (like everyone else) and have to be pleased with the
outcome.  I've read a few posts where they were dissapointed with the
lack of rare material but compared to your average box set, it's more
than you usually get.  The only box set I've seen that really
satisfies the die hard fan is "20 Years of Jethro Tull"  The entire
set (3 discs) is rare and un-released tracks (with exception of a few
on disc 3). Other than that you aren't going to find many that have
as much "new" material as the Who's set.  The best thing on the set
(IMHO) is the "Underture" from Woodstock that has Entwistle's
incredible bass solo.  I would've liked them to keep the old mix
however (the bass drowning out the guitar) but that's a minor

This video everyone talks about must be nirvana (not the band) for a
rock fan.  The Kids Are Alright is my favorite rock movie and to hear
that this new video is better is something to behold.  I take it the
price is $19.95 at your local video store.  When I save the cash
it'll be the first thing I'll buy.