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Alright -- for the heaven and hell of it, I typed this up.  Post
corrections.  The only thing I'm really unsure about is the Big L


(Tracks indicated are for CD)

1. 0:00 "Days of the Week"
	Monday... Tuesday... Wednesday... Thursday... Friday...
	Saturday...  Sunday...
   0:27 "Armenia City in the Sky" (Keene)
   3:39 [Radio London]
	Wonderful Radio London... Whoopee!
   3:48 "Heinz Baked Beans" (Entwistle)
   4:45 [Radio London]
	More music (x 4)
   4:48 end
2. 0:00 "Mary-Anne With the Shaky Hands" (Townshend)
   2:06 "Premiere Drums"
	Premiere Drums (x8)
   2:25 [Radio Interlude]
   2:33 end
3. 0:00 "Odorono" (Townshend)
   2:17 [Radio London]
	It's smooth sailing with the highly successful sound
	of wonderful Radio London!
   2:34 end
4. 0:00 "Tattoo" (Townshend)
   2:44 [Radio London]
	Radio London reminds you: Go to the church of your choice.
   2:53 end
5. 0:00 "Our Love Was, Is" (Townshend)
   3:07 [Big "L"]
	You're a pussycat and you're where it's at
	The one gets in on every play...
	The [something] -- Big "L"
	Speakeasy, drink easy policy.
   3:18 "Rotosound Strings"
	Hold your groove together
	with Rotosound Strings!
   3:24 end
6. 0:00 "I Can See For Miles" (Townshend)
   4:05 end
7. 0:00 [Charles Atlas]
	The Charles Atlas course with Dynamic Tension
	can turn you into... a BEAST of a man.
   0:25 "I Can't Reach You" (Townshend)
   3:03 end
8. 0:00 "Medac" (Entwistle)
   0:56 end
9. 0:00 "Relax" (Townshend)
   2:37 end
10.0:00 "Silas Stingy" (Entwistle)
   3:02 end
11.0:00 "Sunrise" (Townshend)
   3:02 end
12.0:00 "Rael" (Townshend)
   5:39 "Track Records"
	Track Records (x 16)
   6:00 end