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Re: Psychoderelict

>I've listened through the whole thing once and have mixed
>impressions.  It's definately not a "Who Came First", but it seems to
>be one of his stronger albums in recent memory (10 years).  I'd like
>to know what others think.  Do you think Pete can write good

I was similarly lukewarm on "Psychoderelict..."  I watched a PBS broadcast of a
performance of the album, with Pete and the band doing the obligatory Who
material before the new stuff.  I thought that the CD would be better than the
live performance, but was a little disappointed.

I think "White City" is Pete's best in recent years (and that's been almost 10
years ago), but "Empty Glass" will always be my favorite (not including
"Quadrophenia," which I call Pete's first solo album).  Hard to beat the piano
solo on "Gonna Get You," or the crashing guitar work on the whole album.  Plus
this was the first (I think) that Pete worked with Simon Philips, which I
believe changed his whole direction musically.

The last few years Pete has become more involved with the visual aspect of the
themes of his music ("Ironman," the Broadway "Tommy," etc.) and that has
distanced me a little... I'm kind of a basic R'n'R, Forget-The-Showy-Crap-Just-
Get-Up-There-And-Mean-It kind of guy.  But if anyone has earned the right to do
what he wants with his art, it's PDBT.  I've never doubted his sincerity and
integrity, and I hoipe he's doing what he likes...  I think if I had Woodstock,
Tommy, Who's Next and Live at Leeds on my resume' I'd pretty much feel like I'd
done my part for the advancement of modern music!

There's been a lot that PT's come out with in the past few years that I haven't
been too fond of, but there's been a lot more that I have cherished...

so that's my $0.02 worth...