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minor flame war

In message <Pine.3.07.9408251153.B25791-a100000@cbl.umd.edu> John Brawley 

> I know the band is basically dead....I am not stupid  
> I resent  being told that I am just a loonie, fantasy-driven who fan who 
> won't admit that they have broken up.


I'm sorry I've upset you so much. I don't think you're stupid, and my calling 
anyone a "loonie" of a fanatic fan was intended as a friendly jab of a reference
to all of us on this list. I even referred to myself in that line, I believe.

Admittedly, the reference to people who won't give up the ghost of the original 
Who was more mean-spirited. I could have found a way to make my point without 
sounding like I was slamming you personally. Sorry about that too. 

> I also resent the bit about my post resembling a Prince-list post.

I won't back down from that statement. If you take your statement about PT and 
"Lifehouse" and apply it to Prince and the "Black Album", it would fit perfectly
on the Prince list. (Same thing with the Beach Boys list and "Smile" and the 
Elvis Costello list and the "Barbados Mega-Mixes" bootleg)

Basically, as far as realistically expecting any given "dream" reissue, it's got
to appeal to far more than a couple hundred die-hard Who fans with e-mail 
accounts. My guess (only a guess!) is that most label, and possibly artists, 
know that they could never satisfy the "appetite" of the hard-core fans even if 
they released every scrap they could find; and they certainly wouldn't make much
money in trying to do so.

I'm done with this discussion, and won't bother the list with with any longer.