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So I come up with a half-heartedly joking post regarding Lifehouse and
Chuck unintentionally flames me.  That's OK, he can write what
thinks...but I can't write what I think.  Well, first off:  I don't think
that it is all that ridiculous to image PT doing further work on ANY
previous ideas, etc.  I know the band is basically dead....I am not stupid
(although they haven't completely gone away as a band either).  I resent
being told that I am just a loonie, fantasy-driven who fan who won't admit
that they have broken up.  I also resent the bit about my post resembling
a Prince-list post.  Chuck, I cannot say what I wanted to earlier on this
list (which is good), but I will say that your last post was a bit
authoritative and ego-driven.  Get real or get out of MY face.