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Tommy and Quadrophenia

<<And to the person who mentioned remastering Tommy and Quadrophenia, 
they've already been done.  Mobile Fidelty digitally remastered the discs 
and put them on 24 carat gold compact discs.>>

If you're referring to my earlier post, yes, I know about the Mobile Fidelity
discs.  I have them.  All of them.  In fact, I mentioned them in my post,
saying that regardless of what MCA did, I'd probably just stick with my MFSL
Ultradiscs.  Nonetheless, a lot of consumers aren't willing to shell out
$25/disc for a decent sounding Who material, nor should they have to.  Thus,
I still think MCA should, at the very least, upgrade Quadrophenia along with
the other titles, and also restore artwork missing from the Tommy CD.
 According to a report in Rolling Stone's CD News column, MCA is toying with
the idea of putting together an expanded Quadrophenia set (with Pete's
involvement, of course).  This sounds like a good idea to me.  There were at
least three complete outtakes as well as shorter musical interludes that
didn't make the final cut.