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>And to the person who mentioned remastering Tommy and Quadrophenia, 
>they've already been done.  Mobile Fidelty digitally remastered the discs 
>and put them on 24 carat gold compact discs.  If you're interested in 
>their list of Who records (I think they also did Who Are You), you can 
>phone them at 1-800-423-5759 or write Mobile Fidelty Sound Lab, PO Box 
>750577, Petaluma, CA 94975-0577.

I think most of us were more concerned about REMIXING Quadrophenia. I'm
not convinced that they did the best job in MIXING the album. They can
clean up the same old mix all day long and it won't sound any better.
They are going to have to get the master tapes back out and sit at the
mixing board and see about doing some adjustment to the levels. It's a
major undertaking, but I feel like it would be worth it.

>As to a Tommy box set - why?  There are so many Who compilations out.  
>Fans have all the music separately, why package it together - so fans feel 
>obligated to spend money on it, even though there would be nothing new.

Nothing new? For the majority of listeners who haven't found access to 
bootleg albums, all they have is the "Join Together" 1989 live version 
of 'Tommy'. There aren't any official releases of the *complete* rock
opera done live in the time frame in which it was conceived. As for the
'Tommy' demos, all they have is a few scraps from the 'Scoop' albums.
As anyone who has heard these demos will tell you, they are awesome.
To hear the original demos in the form that they were written (intended),
is a real treat, and gives tremendous insight into how Pete put the whole
thing together. I still think it's a great idea....

> Album reviews... The who, Maximum R & B 30 years of R & B: 
>Ok. Here goes. I like but not love the thing. More should have been added.
>The beginning sounded good. More My Generation album, more Happy Jack 
>album, the SELL OUT side one in order of the album. More Tommy. More 
>Who's Next (Going Mobile). More Quadropenia. More middle era (who by 
>numbers, who are you.) More last era (1980 beyond....)
> What I am saying here would take a four cd set to a six cd set.
> And probably two more years to make.

I'm sorry, but that's my number one complaint about the box set - way too
much previously released stuff from major albums. What a waste of disc 
That should have been a completely different box set. This one should have
concentrated on continuing in the direction that it started out in - using
remastered old tracks, alternate takes, studio dialog, life with the
moons type stuff, unreleased tracks, and live tracks. (Had I known that
they were going to release a box set of ALL live tracks, then I would say
to steer clear of that and wait to do it in complete). If they could come
up with 6 discs, then that would be great, but I really think that they 
tried to do too much in one shot - and the FIRST thing that I would let
go would be the well known, previously released studio tracks.

>Where do most of you "boot collectors" get your
>records from ?

Digging through used album bins has gotten me my best deals, but there are
traveling record shows that usually have pretty good selections. The 
problem is - they know you're a collector if you're, there, so they
usually stick collector price tags on the albums. There are also a few
reputable mail order sources, but, being illegal, you're sending your
money at your own risk - though I've never been stiffed. In the larger
cities, there are stores that stock bootleg albums, and more recently, 
bootleg CD's.

>Also, can't people ( And the answer is probably in the question)
>get arrested for selling illegal albums ?

I guess it's harder to press charges than it sounds. Of all crimes,
bootlegging albums is probably one of the most harmless. I bet they 
wish all "criminals" would run home to listen to music - a lot less
people would get hurt!  But seriously, the larger cities where you 
find these shops have a lot more important crimes going on than 
bootleg records. Also, they would have to train cops to spot these
things. Some bootlegs are easily identifiable as such, but some are
cleverly packaged, and only a collector would know what they are looking 
at. As far as you getting arrested for buying one - I don't think they
can. It would be the dealer who would take the heat - and just like drugs,
it's the BIGTIME distributors that they would want to catch - not the
guy at the flea market...  And the best way to start is the way we all
started - by taping friends boots.... thus giving the bootleggers 
a taste of their own medicine!

-the mayor