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Rarities albums

Two's Missing

Track Listing:

 1. "Bald-Headed Woman" 
 2. "Circles" first version 
 3. "Daddy Rolling Stone" 
 4. "Dogs" 
 5. "Dogs Pt. 2" 
 6. "Goin' Down" live 
 7. "Heat Wave" 
 8. "I'm a Man" 
 9. "The Last Time" 
 10. "Motoring" 
 11. "My Wife" live 
 12. "Under My Thumb" 
 13. "Waspman" 
 14. "Water" 

Who's Missing

Track Listing:

 1. "Shout and Shimmy" 
 2. "Lubie (Come Back Home)" 
 3. "Anytime You Want Me" 
 4. "Leaving Here" 
 5. "Barbara Ann" 
 6. "I'm a Boy" first version 
 7. "Mary-Anne with the Shaky Hands" single version 
 8. "I Don't Even Know Myself" 
 9. "When I Was a Boy" 
 10. "Heaven and Hell" 
 11. "Here for More" 
 12. "Bargain" live 
Rarities Vol. I

Track Listing:

 1. "Instant Party (Circles)" 
 2. "Disguises" 
 3. "Batman" 
 4. "Bucket T" 
 5. "Barbara Ann" 
 6. "In the City" 
 7. "I've Been Away" 
 8. "Doctor, Doctor" 
 9. "The Last Time" 
 10. "Under My Thumb" 
 11. "Someone's Coming" 
 12. "Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hands" 
 13. "Dogs" 
 14. "Call Me Lightning" 
 15. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" 


   Compact Disc: included on "Rarities Vol. I and II", Polydor 

Rarities Vol. II

Also known as Join Together.

Track Listing:

 1. "Join Together" 
 2. "I Don't Even Know Myself" 
 3. "Heaven and Hell" 
 4. "When I was a Boy" 
 5. "Let's See Action" 
 6. "Relay" 
 7. "Waspman" 
 8. "Here for More" 
 9. "Water"
10. "Baby Don't You Do It"

This is from my html files.  Anyway, tracks might not be in the right
order, but there's the contents for whoever asked (kevin?).

I like Rarities 1&2 just because it puts 25 tracks on 1 cd.  There's
about 5 songs on the Missing set that aren't on Rarities, and vice
versa. (Though some of what's on Rarities is on Magic Bus).