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Tommy tour & misc Who

> << I missed the broadway musical Tommy in Boston last December

>    Does anybody know where the show is currently; when it will be in  
>    North Eastern U.S.A.

In response to Brad Simon's question about the touring Tommy production, 
these are the dates I have/had scheduled:

June 7 - July 3          San Francisco Opera House
July 5 - July 10         Cupertino Flint Center
July 13 - August 14      LA Universal Amphitheatre
August 25 - September 10 San Diego Symphony Hall
September 14 - Oct. 2    Denver Buell Theatre
Oct. 6 - Oct. 16         Chicago Auditorium Theatre
Nov. 3 - Nov. 27         Philadelphia Forrest Theatre
Dec. 20 - Jan. 22        Washington DC Kennedy Centre

This is from a press release that's at least six months old now, so more 
dates might have been added.  There's currently a Tommy production being 
cast and in rehearsal in Canada; Toronto, if I'm not mistaken.  It will be 
a stationary production, as is Broadway.  I've also heard there are 
productions scheduled for both Germany and Australia, though I haven't 
seen anything concrete on it as of yet.

Also, for those of you upset with the way the play changed for Broadway, a 
simple look at any Broadway play will explain why the play was cleaned up 
and carmelized for the general public.  It's a show for families.  And I 
seriously doubt financing would have been found if Pete tried to make it 
the Tommy that he originally created.  I look at the play as a totally new 
Tommy.  It's got it's low points (the dialogue, though there is little, is 
atrocious), but for a Broadway play it's amazing.  And I've heard the 
touring band is phenomenal, even better than the orchestra/band on 
Broadway.  It's definitely worth seeing, though I'd be the first to tell 
you, don't go expecting The Who.  You won't like it at all.  Just go for 
the experience.  And expect Broadway.  

As to a Tommy box set - why?  There are so many Who compilations out.  
Fans have all the music separately, why package it together - so fans feel 
obligated to spend money on it, even though there would be nothing new.  
The Tommy CD-Rom is in full production, near completion, and that will 
have more than enough Tommy for all of you.  The company putting it 
together has been contacing fans around the world for bootlegs, 
memorabilia and anything relevant that could go on it.  I think the CD-Rom 
will cover every aspect of Tommy anyone would ever want to know.

And to the person who mentioned remastering Tommy and Quadrophenia, 
they've already been done.  Mobile Fidelty digitally remastered the discs 
and put them on 24 carat gold compact discs.  If you're interested in 
their list of Who records (I think they also did Who Are You), you can 
phone them at 1-800-423-5759 or write Mobile Fidelty Sound Lab, PO Box 
750577, Petaluma, CA 94975-0577.

Someone also questioned why Roger was touring - it's definitely not for 
money, because he isn't making any.  Roger is, and in my opinion will 
always be, the biggest Who fan around.  He loves the music, wants to play 
it until he dies, Pete won't tour, so he decided to go out on his own.  
John, who feels the same way Roger does, wanted to be a part of it also.  
I think all Who fans should support him - Roger's heart is in the right 
place, and the show really is worth seeing.  As to an actual Who tour 
again, I really wouldn't count on it, but I said that in 1988....