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This and That

Dear Friends -

	I've been lurking quietly here for several months, but now that
discussions are picking up, I'll probably start to post more often.  I've been
Who fan since '73, and have seen them regularly since the disaster shows at 
Madison Square in '74 (although for someone having never seen them before, they
were anything but a disaster).

	Several thoughts -

	Has anyone but me been upset about PT's lyric rewrite of Tommy for the
Broadway stage?  Yes, they play was terrific, but the entire meaning was changedfrom being an anti-establishment piece that now celebrates confromity.  I was
very distressed by that, although it seems to be they way the '90's are going.
Any thoughts from others?

	Also - there has been little talk of tape trading or bootlegs on this list.  I will be the first to disagree with the ethics of commercial sales of
boots, but lets face it - some of the best Who music is available there!  If
anyone needs any convincing, listen to the soundboard tape or CD of San Fran 
'71 or the audience recording of Edmonton Sundown 12/23/73 - they are pure
magic.  I think it would be great to share good album/tape reviews here as 

	Last - I plan on seeing the RD tour in Mass next Sunday - I'll try 
to post a review.  I really think Roger is doing this out of a love for
the music and "one last flag waving" - he has known for a long time now that
there will be no $$ made on this tour.  It is ironic that once again both
the Who (sort of) and the Stones are on the road at the same time...

Mason Weinrich