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'Tommy' CDs through the BMG CD club

The BMG CD club has begun offering the two-disc soundtrack
from the Tommy movie, for $27.98 (no cassette version).

BMG currently carries three 'Tommy's - the movie, the B'way
show (224778), and the single-disc version of the Who's recording

The current 3-for-1 sale, offered to members who 
have met the obligations, includes multi-disc sets, so
one could get all three versions for the cost of the 
highest-priced of the three ($29.98 for the B'way show) +
handling on the five discs. (~$12.00)

That works out to ~14.00/title.

Disclaimer: I do not work for BMG, represent  them, etc....

Tony Rzepela (rzepela@cvi.hahnemann.edu)