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Bally table king

>I'm not surprised that they aren't touching Tommy, although personally, I was
>hoping they'd release a 25th Anniversary box set this Christmas (similar to
>the Layla box released a few years ago) that would include the original album
>digitally remixed, a CD of Pete's original demos, and a third CD containing a
>complete Tommy performance from '69.

Now *that* would be an awesome collection. I hope somebody is smart enough
to think to put that together....

>I suppose that the release of the
>Broadway soundtrack means we'll have to wait another a few more years for yet
>another Tommy package :-)

I haven't heard the Broadway Soundtrack yet - is it any good? Does Pete play
anything on it, or is he just involved with the arrangements? Have any of
you seen the actual Broadway show? How was it? I was thinking of going to see
it before too long.

On a related note, I have played the 'Broadway' TOMMY pinball game. It's 
absolutely awesome. It's a 50c game, so if you only drop one quarter in, and
hit the start button, it says "we're not gonna take it!". Once you start,
it proceeds to play the 'overture' - with several different levels there
are all the songs you would expect - acid queen, uncle ernie, cousin kevin,
and of course - pinball wizard. It's really cool, so you ought to seek it
out, if you haven't already seen it......