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>( Was ' THE REAL ME "  on the box set from 1973 or was it a Kenny Jones 
>remix for the movie that got dropped ???

I believe I remember reading that this version was some kind of 'audition'
for Jones.  I dig the tune, though. It's a fresh take on the classic.
I think my favorite version, though, is Pete's demo on 'Obscure & Oblique'.

> ...When asked why the album was sequenced with little space between
>   tracks, Astley replies with a chuckle. "That was my doing," he says. "The
>   Who always played that way on stage.

I guess my biggest gripe about the box set (except for including the same studio
versions of 'Won't Get Fooled Again', 'Who Are You', Etc.), is the fact that 
they ran all those songs together - overlapping a lot of the Sell Out clips
over songs or crowd noise. This makes it close to impossible to separate
them out. What's the point?