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More on database

Thanks for all the support (including an article on the Who's early
years, by our own Ron Crandall) for the Who database.

As a student currently marooned in Australia (of all places), I still
have most of my internet access, but some limitations compared to
stateside.  Anyway, I have no time to work on a project like this one,
which is why I'm spending so much time working on it at present (can
we say "helpless dancer"?)

The Alpha version of the Database plans to include the following
(using HTML, the World Wide Web protocol):
Info on the "Four Faces" and other players in the Who's ensemble
A history of sorts, and perhaps a chronology
Complete lyrics accessible by song or by album
Information by song and album (producers, track listings, alternate
versions, etc.)
Lots of trivia (taken primarily from the back issues of the list)
and anything else relevant I can get my electronic hands on.

So, here's a request for any of the above from anyone on the list
(email either to this address or "b9402068@iwaki.anu.edu.au", my
Australian one.)

I've got all the lyrics that were on the ftp.uwp.edu server (which is
a good start, but definitely not all-encompassing).

I'd especially be interested if anyone has scanned images of the Who
etc., preferably in GIF or JPEG format-- smallish (e.g. large icon
sized) ones are easy and not too slow on the Web.