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At 04:19 PM 8/15/94 EDT, sunday,donald wrote:
>Roger Daltrey sings Townshend is such a waste of money
>Imagine a great rock group such as the WHO having to 
>get people to pay to see their songs with an orchestra.
>How come groups like Allman Brothers, CS&N, Lynryd Skynryd,
>Foreigner, Doobies..Kinks..STONES, Floyd, Eagles can all 
> come together and still make records, but we have to put
>up with this type of stuff being WHO fans,
>Its a joke... 

Well, it's not a joke, and it's not a ripoff on Daltrey's
part. I've read in several places that at one point in the
Who's history there was a major power struggle going on between
Daltrey on one hand and Townshend (and I think everyone else).
(When was this? I can't remember.) It got so bad that the band
was all but finshed. Daltrey was aggressively (as in 
hitting people, cause he was heavily into that) insisting
on things being done his way and the others were sick of him.
Then at the last moment he quit fighting and told Pete that
he just wanted to keep on singing Townshend songs because
they were so great, or something along those lines. And I 
believe I remember a Townshend interview in which he said
that it was a tremendously self-sacrificing kind of thing to 

So the bottom line for me is Daltrey has a right to go on
singing these songs to his grave, because he was part of their
creation and because he committed himself to them a long time

Of course, the question of whether the concerts suck or not
is another question altogether...

>It makes everything they did in the sixties and seventies
>look so bad..

No it doesn't.