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In message <199408152029.AA20323@bulkrate.cc.bellcore.com> sunday,donald writes:

> How come groups like Allman Brothers, CS&N, Lynryd Skynryd,
> Foreigner, Doobies..Kinks..STONES, Floyd, Eagles can all 
>  come together and still make records, but we have to put
> up with this type of stuff being WHO fans,

Because those groups AREN'T The Who; The Who AREN'T those other groups. Trying 
to compare those groups' intra-band politics to The Who or anyone else is like 
apples and oranges.

As far as citing those other groups as shining examples, I offer this:

The Eagles tour is a shameless display of greed and playing on people's 
nostalgia. I wonder how those guys can sleep at night knowing how much they're 
charging fans for tickets. 

Foreigner played Minneapolis in '92 or '93, and the day of the show, it became a
"Remember the 70's" Show, including discounted tickets for people that brought 
high school yearbooks proving they had graduated in 1976. 

David Gilmour and Co. continue to draw paychecks because of nostalgia, it's just
that their nostalgia features a large-scale light/stage show. 

> It [the Daltrey tour} makes everything they did in the sixties and seventies
> look so bad..

This statement simply isn't true. It's called making a living to some 
performers, and it's a tragedy when someone allows a favorite artist's waning 
career is spoil their memories of that performer. It's why I won't be seeing the
tour, or buy Daltrey's new CD. The '89 tour was disheartening enough.

> Its like Townshend said in TKAA, " ...Until the band becomes
> a Cabaret act.."

This statement I completely agree with. I made reference to the same quote 
during the '89 tour.

The Minnesota State Fair date of the DST Tour is still on...TV ads are showing 
up, the radio ads for the whole fair itself are promoting Daltrey's show, even.