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Re: whoisms


Here's the scoop (pardon the pun) ...

There's two very similar (but not exactly the same) bootlegs out covering
roughly the same turf called "Horton Hears The Who" and "Life With The Moons".
Here's what's on each. The songs marked with asterisks are on the box set.


* I Am The Sea
* The Real Me
  My Generation / Land Of Hope And Glory

	BBC in studio recording of "My Generation" that segues into
	"Land Of Hope And Glory"

* Happy Jack
* Coke 2
  John Mason Cars

	Outtake ad (three attempts actually) from "Sell Out"

* Jaguar
* Melancholia
* Fortune Teller
  Cousin Kevin Model Child

	"Tommy" outtake

* Behind Blue Eyes
  Baby, Don't You Do It

	Studio cut from '71

  Tommy's Holiday Camp

	Live, from '76 (I think).

  It's In You (aka Virginia)

	"Face Dances" outtake. The title's different on the two boots.

* Track Records
* Bag O'Nails / Campers

	Has a fake ad for "Campers" at the end of the "Bag O'Nails" ad.


* "Zoot Suit" / The High Numbers
* "Here 'Tis" / The High Numbers
  Mary-Anne With The Shaky Hands

	Alternate vocal from a b-side (I think)

* Early Morning Cold Taxi
* Girl's Eyes
* Boney Maronie
  Dancing In The Street

	Live, '79?

  Hey Joe
  Born On The Bayou

	Both live, '89?

* Life With The Moons, #1-#5 

	All of the cuts from the box, plus some. Some of the bits are longer
	here, and some of these aren't on the box.

  One Life's Enough

	Alternate version

The "Sell Out" outtakes are: "Jaguar", "Early Morning Cold Taxi", "John Mason
Cars", "Coke 2", "Bag O'Nails/Campers", "Girl's Eyes" and the Track Records
run-off groove. For my tape, I added all of these, plus "Rael 2" from the box
and "Summertime Blues" and "My Way" from the Maximum R&B boot.

	-- Owen