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>So was the old High Numbers drummer (before the arrival of 
>the "Ginger Man" ;-) named Doug Sandom or Doug Sanden?
>Gene Huh

It seems like every source that I've seen confirms Sandom, but you never
know. Half of those sources don't know how to spell Daltrey (Daltry), or
Townshend (Townsend), and God knows Entwistle throws 'em for a loop!


>On a related note - for fun I created my own "expanded Sell Out". If
>you take the "Sell Out" outtakes from the box, "Horton Hears The Who" and
>and old vinyl boot "Maximum R&B", you get a nice, 60-minute tape with
>commericals scattered through BOTH sides.

I've got 'Maximum R&B', which is awesome - especially the cover of
Eddie Cochran's 'My Way'. But, I don't believe I've heard 'Horton Hears The
Who', even though I've seen it. What 'Sell Out' clips does that include?
What other songs of interest does it have?  Thanks...


>No offense taken, but I've spent thousands of dollars on the Who over the
>past 27 years. Roger doesn't need my or anybody else's money. I no longer
>support the garbage that has been churned out since Moon died.

Those are pretty harsh words. I don't think this tour has anything to do with
money - I think it has a lot to do with love of the music - and not wanting
to see it die. Roger is 50 now, he is physically going to be unable to do these
songs before too long. I really think that that is where he is coming from. 
He wants to give the music back to all of us - one more time. Personally, I
thank him. I don't think this tour lacks integrity, at all.
      You won't get any argument from me that 
The Who's best material is the older stuff, but personally, I still 
find that the post-Moon Who still has a certain quality to it. If you really
think that 'Empty Glass' is "garbage", I'm sorry. Personally, thanks to
the older stuff, I have become a fan to the point that I can appreciate
just about anything that Pete writes. After all, Pete is still Pete, John
is still John, and Roger is still Roger. Hey, I'm sorry that Keith died, too,
but I'm glad that those guys haven't just faded into obscurity. I would 
rather see them make some kind of effort, even if we all know that it's not
the 'good old Who'. They're all too talented to just fade away.  
      Joe- you were lucky enough to be able to 'support' the Who for the last
27 years. Maybe getting to see them in their prime the way you did, spoiled
you. I can see why! The footage I've seen from that era is awesome - there's
no way that they - or anyone else - could ever top it. Certainly not the 
Daltrey Sings Townshend tour!  I was born the year 'My Generation' came out.
Unfortunately, I never got to see Moon live. So I, like a lot of others, was
forced to settle for video footage and post-Moon shows. But the fact is, I love the music so much that I will take anything I can get.....And this looks like   the last go-round.
Hey - that review you posted from your local paper wasn't too bad. Thanks a lot
for posting that. That's the first review I've seen. Thanks to the local        cancelations, I can only hope the 5 hour drive is worth it....

-the mayor