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Who box set trivia

OK, my answer on the trivia question is:  Pete Townshend.

As I recall (I've deleted the original query) the question was who
played guitar on the first track on the box set.  The first track is
Pete dialogue with an audience in Long Beach.  I assume he was wearing a
guitar, although guitar is not being played at the time.

If the first musical track is meant ("I'm the Face), Dave Marsh in
_Before I Get Old_ specifically mentions in his discussion of that
recording session that Pete plays guitar on the B-side, "Zoot Suit," but
is silent on who played on ItF.

But then we have this from Chris Charlesworth's _The Who:  The
Illustrated Biography_:

   The A-side was ... "I'm the Face" and the B-side was ... "Zoot Suit."  A
   session player was brought in to add honky-tonk piano and the now
   indispensable Jack the Barber contributed handclaps.  It was a crude
   beginning but Roger's voice had a genuinely angry edge that was carried
   along nicely by Pete's gritty guitar and a rumbling R&B rhythm set up by
   John and Keith.

He then goes on to discuss the record release.

As for the other clues, Pete's band is missing, and as regards the
person being "not all there" or handicapped, I remember an interview in
which Pete said he used to be able to do "fast, flamenco-y things on the
guitar that no one else could do" which he can't anymore (due to his
hand injuries), which doesn't seem very satisfactory.  But that's my
answer and I'm sticking to it until you (JMRosen) come up with a
reference that can beat up my reference.