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Ooops, better cane me!

In an earlier post, I erred (perhaps unforgivingly).  I rapidly received
the following gentle corrections from other "who" listers:

> From: Chuck Tomlinson <tomlinso@chemsun.chem.umn.edu>
> Subject: Simon T.
> To: tgrier@VAX2.Winona.MSUS.EDU
> Reply-to: Chuck Tomlinson <tomlinso@chemsun.chem.umn.edu>

> Sorry man. Simon's his brother; his only grown children are girls

> ct

and ....

> From: OTG@CSI.compuserve.com
> Subject: Re: Simon T.
> To: tgrier@VAX2.Winona.MSUS.EDU, thewho@cisco.com

> Tom,
>         No, Simon is definitely Pete's brother. And yes, he's had two
> solo albums, "I'm The Answer" and "Simon Townshend's Moving Target".

>         -- Owen

Thanks, guys, for being so nice as you corrected me.  What's worse is that
I really thought I was right, for once.  But, the hammer of knowledge has
fallen on my head today and I am humbled and a better person for it.

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