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Re: Bird vs Russell

Come on Shawn, your response to KK's assesment of this game must of have
been a TGIF kind of joke.  I too suggest you watch the tape.  I do often,
mainly because it was a fun game to watch, and I don't have many from this
time period, and it is still talked about on occasion here in Portland,
akin to the "Jordan Rules".  I have lived in the Portland area all my life,
am I a closet Blazer fan or otherwise, hell no they make most of sick out
here.  Guess when I do root for the JailBlazers, when they play the Fakers.

Anyway,  on this play I would not want to argue whether he was walking or
not, frankly with regard to the way the rules are interpretted probably
not, but it was definately not a 3 pointer.  Was it a foul, they just let
them play at the end of the game.  Please don't make prove my worth to the
fan club (stockholder, lifetime fan, etc.) but this was play that when
looked at objectively, is hard to find in favor of Bird.  Most news reports
of the day, spoke strongly of this fact.  

I want to support Joe's comments about the USA team, especially as it
relates to wanting to see these guys do well, representing USA.  It is not
these guys fault they don't have pure NBA skills, but they are plugging
away, who could ask anything more.  It is like criticizing a middling
player for making too much, when he was signed the deal that was offered. 
In either case how is it the players fault.  It is good to see the
compassion in man, except in Joe's case, when he asks for us to consider
the compassionate side of things, some buffoon comes along and knocks him
down.  Hey Joe keep the faith alive.

Lastly regarding Dirk and his skills and value to the NBA.  I spoke
recently with the other great German contribution to the league a few
months ago, right after the Sonics were eliminated by the Fakers, Detlef
Schrempf, about his opinion of the Dirkster.  I played HS bb with DS, and
went to HS and college with him, and talk in my home town when he is
around.  He too thinks Dirk is way way overated, with at least a couple
years to gel before having good NBA skills.  DS, knows and likes Dirk and
had recommended he wait at least one more year.  He may still.  He didn't
think he would be a great fit in Boston at the time.  I haven't spoken to
him since the draft, but will about Dirks being picked up by Dallas ahead
of the C's, and RP trying him out, and maybe his take on the CBA.

BTW when, someone questions my knowledge of Sonics bb and team and player
relations, you better come to table with more info than being able to call
up DS for the inside take.  This includes all biblical ikons.  (I am not a
Sonics fan per se either, see my recap after the great C's win in February
to understand why).

Sorry to ramble with details, but it has been a long week, have a great
weekend.  A great week for posts with the Gahden from Al, and memories from
the rest, especially good ol' Mike Dynon,

> From: krai@gis.net
> To: celtics@igtc.COM
> Subject: Re: Bird vs Russell
> Date: Friday, July 31, 1998 2:22 PM
> At 12:10 -0500 7/31/98, Shawn Roth wrote:
> >My gosh man, are you even a Celtics fan.
> Yes.
> >If you remember that moment (they
> >show it on ESPN all the freaking time) Drexler was all over Bird.  If
that was
> >todays NBA, Larry would have been shooting a free throw to win the game,
or if
> >he had missed the shot he would have been shooting free throws to tie it
> >He did not travel, he clearly was in the air when he shot the ball, it
> >have
> >looked funny but he did not travel.  And I'm not exactly sure what you
mean by
> >"a drop of objectivity", but I can be objective and still see that he
not only
> >shot the ball while he was in the air, but was fouled as well.
> Well, pull out the tape, if you have it, and watch it again in slo'mo'.
> Until then, there is no point arguing about it.
> >Just one question?  Are you really a closet Blazers fan.  You can admit
it, it
> >isn't like we will hunt you down or anything.... :-)
> No, they are/were too dumb as a team.
> I won't be able to respond to your response(s, if any) until next
> as I'll be away on vacation this week.
> K. Kveraga