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Dirk Nowitzki

Here's some info on Dirk Nowitzki from the On-Hoops site.  Makes me glad
that the
Celtics didn't get him.


Dirk Nowitzki! He was once in the States and scored 33 pts in someunknown
in San Antonio (let me know if it is the known one, for sure it was not the
Pre-Draft Camp). Yes, he is only 20 (and 6-10), he scored 18 points a game
and got
10 rebs a game in German club Wurzburg last season. I read this in every
report and in the stories across the Internet after the draft.

But did anybody mention it was THE SECOND DIVISION?! (Note for the American
second division in European leagues is lower than the first one. In Germany
it means
one player higher than 6-7 per team). And now Nowitzki is in the top ten in
draft! And Don Nelson (with Mavericks' owner Ross Perot jr) is coming to
especially to kindly ASK him to leave Europe now, not in two years as he