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Re: No Mo

Hey you know the way I look at it now, is at least you weren't bashing
Walker, Antoine that is. It's a big sport here on the Celts group.

>Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 12:49:16 -0700
>From: "Michael J.King Sr." <kingpin@primenet.com>
>Subject: Re: No Mo
>Sorry. My mistake. I subscribe to the Celts, Pats, Red Sox and bruins
>lists and they all filter into one mailbox. I just ASSUMED as it was RE:
>Mo that I was responding to the Sox list. Again my apologies for my 2
>off topic posts. Later.Mike
>P.S Do you use Chat Lines? I have never ventured to that part of the

"In the NBA the Owners Rule"