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    Maybe Bob Ryan went a little too far, but to say he's a terrible writer is 'way off base.  He is not only very knowledgeable about basketball in general and the Celtics in particular, but he's a talented writer and often funny, to boot.  He has as much right to his opinion as we do, to ours.  He has a way of putting things that always entertains me.  Look, guys and girls, you might not agree with his assessment, we can't even agree among ourselves here on the list, but he has the right to say it.  I believe he wanted to stir things up during a boring time, and he sure did. 
    What's the point of debating Antoine any more?  Frankly, it's having the effect on me that I'm sick and tired of hearing about him.  Obviously, everyone has their opinion and nobody's going to change the other's mind.  My own judgement of Antoine has been formed from watching him play, and I've stated them here before.  Nothing anyone on this list or elsewhere says changes my mind one bit.  Only Antoine can do that, by showing us he deserves what he wants to be paid.  He has the talent, he does not have the judgement yet, and perhaps he will, perhaps he won't.  Time will tell.  Meanwhile, all this is about money and recognition.  I still say he could take less money and let them build the team.  He will be well paid in the future, and whether it's him, Garnet or someone else, I think they expect to be paid on potential, not productivity.  Making that kind of money does not make you a “star”, performance does.
    Meanwhile, none of us will have anything to say about what happens.  Either they'll work something out or he'll be traded, and the fans will just have to hope for the best, live with it, or go elsewhere for our basketball. 
    The two sides in the CBA are going to start talks again.  Let's hope they work that out first, untill then, nothing is worth worrying about.  In the meantime, football is starting soon. :)