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Re: Mourning

Peter Delevett wrote:
>          Reply to:   Re: Mourning
> yeah, that's my read on it too. but i just thought it was fun to kick up some dust.
> i really can't decide how I feel about the prospect of trading walker for a top tier center. I mean, would you rather see Pierce/Geiger/Walker up front, or say Pierce/Mutombo/Popeye? PP and Mercer would have to pick up the scoring slack, and our interior defense would improve. But with Walker, you don't just get the scoring and rebounding, you also get the ballhandling & playmaking.
I don't want Geiger under any circumstances. I want Walker, He is too
good to trade and besides I don't think Pierce and Popeye can give us
what Antoine gives us. I would like the C's to try and get a Mutumbo or
the like without Antoine as the bait. Can they do it, I don't know
unless a team like Atlanta is really desperate. What I hear in Miami is
Atlanta really wants to move him. Trading Antoine gives us too many
defeciencies to make up for. That is my take on it.