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Jordan will play for Seattle

	Tim Floyd has been hired by the Chicago Bulls as head coach
according to the AP.  The conventional wisdom is that Jordan will retire,
but I have a funny feeling that Phil Jackson will replace George Karl in
Seattle and MJ will join him there.  MJ and Gary Payton would team up to
form the best backcourt in the history of the universe.  I can see MJ
going to Seattle because he doesn't care up about the money, but Pippen
will probably go to a team like Phoenix who can offer him a mega deal.

	This is all bad news for the Celtics.  The Bulls will probably
sign a bunch of decent players to one year contracts this year, and then
make a run at Antoine, Penny, and maybe even Shaq (if he chooses to
become a free agent) next year.

	If Jordan doesn't go to Seattle (sit down for this one), he, Phil
Jackson, and Pippen may go to Denver.  The Nuggets have tons of cap room,
and the big three would be making a statement that they can win anywere.

	There is reason to be excited though.  The eastern conference is
now completely wide open.  The Pacers are obviously the front runners, but
IF the Celtics can acquire a solid center, who knows what could happen.

	Can somebody do me a favor?  Waive your magic wand and end this
stupid lockout.