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Re[2]: Ryan Lee's post

 If Antoine Walker were "free, white and 21", he might get away
>with his youthful idiosyncrasies/arrogance in Boston just as Larry Bird
>did. Am I saying something so controversial?
>I don't think so.

Whoa there hoss. Antoine Walker is no Larry Bird. Larry got away with his
"youthful idiosyncracies", because he was a spectacular player with an all
around game and the team WON. Walker has got a looong way to go before he
gets to that status and being "free white and 21" wouldn't cut the same ice
for him around here that Larry did. The thing that is upsetting everyone is
that in today's N.B.A, talented but sub -"superstars" can get franchise
busting money before they have won anything at all. Antoine has POTENTIAL
but he doesn't (yet) deserve the perch that Garnett money would put him on.
Of course neither does Garnett and that's the real problem.

                                               Michael A. DiZio