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Why I'm avoiding summaries

You guys must have some kind of dual-brain thing going on.  How can
you read about how Antoine is history and then enjoy reading game
summaries about  his scoring and rebounding?  It's not for the
Chauncey descriptions, that's for sure.

As for Antoine's future, I think we could get value for him if we
could get a veteran superstar, which is something this team really
needs.  Antoine is not an ideal captain, let's leave it at that. 
David Robinson is locked up for 12 million a year; or maybe a four
year 20 Mill pact for Scottie Pippen?  You can't sign guys for five
and ten years down the road any more; I say, build a contending unit
now.  Then we can plug in free agents as they defect or retire.  Keep
a nucleus of Ron, Kenny (already locked up) and Paul Pierce (if they
extend the rookie contract to five years) and then the team can use
its big money on a star of Antoine's magnitude.  If we start winning
again, and Celtics merchandise becomes popular, it will be very hard
for the Gastons to not fork over the money, or sell to somebody who


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