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Peter May On Antoine Walker

Here's what the Boston Globe reporter said today:

"Here's a thought for Antoine Walker, the would-be player personnel boss of the 
Celtics.  If Nazr Mohammed was so valuable, how come he was going to lose 
playing time at Kentucky to, ahem, Michael Bradley, if he stayed?   Rick Pitino 
must have loved reading Walker's remarks in Friday's Globe.  It makes you 
wonder if Walker didn't leave Kentucky in the first place because of his 
relationship with Pitino, heretofore referred to publicly as warm as fuzzy.
We now know better..."

Peter May also has a little tidbit on Chris Wallace.  The Celtics erstwhile GM 
will be attending the Goodwill Games, because he expects the foreign teams to 
use their young talent there, reserving their more established veterans for the
World Championships in Greece.  So he'll have a chance to seek out the next 
Dirk Nowitzki, but there are those of us who already know who that is.  I'll 
give you a hint - He plays for the Russian Superleague team of Spartak in St.