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California dreamin'

Some time to kill so I went over to the Warriors newsgroup and found this:

>> Over on Harold's board, one person mentioned that yesterday Gary Radnich
>> on KNBR said that the Miami rumor is a done deal.  (Spree for PJ Brown,
>> Mashburn, and maybe Dan Majerly)  Since that's $10M in salary
>> (allegedly) coming to Golden State, presumably another player (Coles?)
>> would be included.  Anyway, this rumor has been around for a long time.
>> Has anyone heard anything suggesting that it's actually closer to coming
>> true?

>> --Robin

This was posted on July 14. Management can't talk to the players during the
lockout, but they can talk to each other. Now you realize, of course, that
this little beauty places Delk and Mashburn on the same team. The bell
rings. Pitino salivates.

Paul M.