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Re: [CBA] NBA Business practices and Antoine (was ANTOINE IS A SCUMBAG!!!)

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From: Josh Ozersky <josh_ozersky@yahoo.com>

>I don't get this part.  Fair value for Antoine can and will be had if
>we hold on to him until the trading deadline.  If a team wants him, it
>will pull the trigger.  I don't believe I can remember a time when a
>team was forced to take less than value because other teams knew the
>clock was ticking.

Tim Hardway is one example that comes to mind. I don't even remember the
players GS got in return.

> The Bottom Line is that a bad team or a team
>without much cap room has to acquire Antoine and his bird rights via
>trade, since in unrestricted free agency, only two or three teams have
>the cap room and general appeal (weather, winning, etc.) to acquire

There is one more scenario in which aquiring Antoine could be a business
Assume that a team is not drawing, but aquires Antoine, they could still
have a nice
little pitch saying that they are aquiring an all star and are serious about
their rebuilding.

> I can go either way on this Antoine thing.  He might end up as the
>next great player, or he might stay pretty much as he is now.  If we
>trade him, we have to get a great player in return.  Two good players
>will not cut it.  Or will it?

I agree with you, NBA is a stars league..two good players won't cut it.
                                                    - Mishra