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RE: [CBA] NBA Business practices and Antoine (was ANTOINE IS A SCUMBAG!!!)

I don't get this part.  Fair value for Antoine can and will be had if
we hold on to him until the trading deadline.  If a team wants him, it
will pull the trigger.  I don't believe I can remember a time when a
team was forced to take less than value because other teams knew the
clock was ticking.  The Bottom Line is that a bad team or a team
without much cap room has to acquire Antoine and his bird rights via
trade, since in unrestricted free agency, only two or three teams have
the cap room and general appeal (weather, winning, etc.) to acquire
 I can go either way on this Antoine thing.  He might end up as the
next great player, or he might stay pretty much as he is now.  If we
trade him, we have to get a great player in return.  Two good players
will not cut it.  Or will it?
> > 	The scary part is that everyone in the league knows this.  No one
> > is going to give us fair value for Antoine at this point.  And if
> > ready to leave the Celtics for not resigning him early, he is also
> > to leave any other team that we trade him to.  The only way
someone will
> > give us anything reasonable (but still not quite fair) for Antoine
is if
> > they already have a contract extension worked out with Falk before
> > trade.
>  I agree.
> > 	It seems like a somewhat pointless argument to have until the new
> > CBA is determined.  At that point we'll have a much better idea of
> > options the Celtics have and who has the most leverage.  I'm going
to wait
> > until the lockout is over before posting again on this subject.
> Once again I agree.
> Noah

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