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Fans/ Business

     At the risk of regurgitating the obvious, the Celtics are a business 
     and the decisions they make should always take into account the bottom 
     line.  Not just for Gaston's own wallet, but also for the 
     shareholders.  I'm sure most of the shareholders are Celtics fans that 
     enjoy owning the stock, for the sake of owning it; however, there may 
     be, god forbid, some shareholder that bought the stock hoping that it 
     would hope the stock would appreciate in price and/ or pay a decent 
     dividend.  So whether or not Antione Walker is signed and for how much 
     won't matter in the least what you or I or any other Celtics fan 
     thinks, but whether or not it's going to help the C's turn a larger 
     profit or increase the "value" (not necessarily on court value).  This 
     would be the only reason the Celtics would consider cheerleaders 
     (dancing entertainment actually).  I guarentee this, if the Gaston 
     felt he could get the same number of people sending out five Greg 
     Kite's (remember him) he'd do it.  I don't believe his motivation is 
     banners, that's what Rick Pitino is for.  If is wasn't for coaches 
     wanting to win, you and I would be playing.