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Acie's Gone/Noah Way Jose

Today's news shows that Acie Earl couldn't make it on a very watered down Team USA roster.  It will a long summer for this once and future Celtic star.

With regards to the last picking apart of my post response from our friend the Mr. Re: King, I won't keep harping on the details other than to say, I can't hope to hold to a candle to some of the knowledge from my fellow list members who live in the Boston area.  You get to hear the fine details of any discussion in all forms of the media, where I living in the Northwest could possibly never be able to.  Same goes for a discussion like that of Kemp in Seattle and Cliff Robinson in Portland.  I followed these stories in detail on live sports talk radio, print and tv media, etc.  For Noah to assume he has all the facts from what he has read on the net or heard on Sportscenter, is foolish.  I won't debate any further but I do feel it is worth noting.  Noah you have at best a superficial knowledge on these stories and it gets pretty boring for us all to have to prove you wrong, plus listen to your high and mighty drivel to boot.  Stick to stories at hand and leave out what pedigree your BS, MS or PHD is (for those who care, BS = bullshit, MS = more shit, and PHD = piled high and deep, which do you think Noah has? For me I just have a BS which does explain the normal dooty I write).  And try to be original.

To protect the innocent I will leave out their names but I would be curious if Noah cares that so many dislike him so much (this of course was probably his goal all along):

"Noah. First off your views come off straight out of Socialism 101 to some
of us on the list. Your intent may be otherwise but it rubs me the wrong
way and reminds me of idealistic soc/comms from my college days!! You
obviously have an extensive vocabulary and I say bravo to your knowledge of
words, but who actually speaks that way?  It tends to put me off as it is
if you are trying to impress us with your superior knowledge. Yes we
understand you but is it necessary to use 95 cent words when 75 cent ones
would suffice? You are obviously intelligent but must be naive if you can't
figure out the reasons you are being taken to task. You are off to a better
start by labeling the manifesto posts and condensing your number of
messages. Sorry if I was blunt but I don't want to disregard anyones posts
but when I see your name my inclination is to groan!"

"That's the way to go Greg!!  Noha has been killing my computer for 
several weeks now with his constant drivel.

Thanks for giving it to him."

"For the last week or so, I just delete Noah posts automatically. I don't
have problems with people who disagree with me , I just can't stand his
pomposity and his insufferable omniscient (he thinks) mind. I don't know
what he said in response to your letter, I just deleted it. I think we
should just refuse to rise to the bait and stop giving him a reason to Re:.
Why respond to him, it only encourages him to come down off the mountain
top and dispense his pedantic offerings to us mere mortals."

"Noah doesn't deserve our time.  Greg I thought no one could be more of a pompous ass than Jimmy McMaster or Theresa, I guess I was wrong.  At least he doesn't seem to take it so personally like those two. Thanks for sending in your dues by the way"

"As for Noah -- I hate to pile on, but his apparent inability to complete 
a post without an arcane (and, as a former political theory major I 
might add, simplistic and/or inaccurate) reference to communism, 
socialism and/or anarchy makes me wonder if there isn't a spot for Noah 
on Monty Python's "World Forum".  For those of you who don't remember:

Game Show Host:  "And now, Karl Marx, for that beautiful lounge suite...
Who won the FA cup final in 1949?"

Marx:  "The workers control the means of production... the struggle of 
the urban proletariat..."

Game Show Host:  "No, it was the Wolverhampton Wanderers, who beat 
Lester 3-1."

Kigoo this was brilliant BTW.  And now the Larch.

Sorry to try and stifle this "man's" right to free speech, but his 15 minutes must be up pretty soon.  I am waiting with less than 24 hours now for the first real original post or idea from Noah.  He was challenged to come through though, like any bully, even a smart one, he probably took his ball and went home.  This waiting, to be enlightened,  is killing me.