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Olden Polynice

The Sacramento Kings recently renounced their rights to Olden Polynice so he
a free agent. While I usually am not one to speculate on possible centers, I
think that he is worth considering.

Polynice is a mobile 7 footer who can do a little bit of everything-rebound,
play defense, block shots and score some. He is also very experienced but
physically is in good condition.

On the downside, he had a lousy attitude in Sacramento but I imagine that
Pitino could get him motivated. Remember also that Polynice has always played
with mediocre teams-and hasn't played with a good point guard in at least a

I would imagine you might get him for a 2 year deal, $2.5-$3 mill a year. Put
him with the Fab Four, tell him to rebound and play defense, and you might
a pretty good solution. Certainly better than anything else out there.

What do you all think?-Tony