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Mercer is my favorite Celtic.  What a difference Kenny Anderson made to
Mercer's game when he appeared on the scene.  IMO Kenny's a great point
guard, he sees the floor so very well, and gets the ball to the right
person.  He improved Mercer's game tremendously, and Walker's, also.  A
good point makes the difference in any basketball team.  Over and above
that, for a rookie Mercer  has great demeanor, and is all business on
the floor.  That might be boring to some, he's not a showman, but I like
his attitude.  I think he will steadily improve, he was a rookie last
year.  I'm also not worried about his shot.  IMO this team throws up far
too many threes.  I remember one spectacular dunk he made last year -
you who saw it must remember, also.  Athleticism is not a problem with
Mercer.  He even smiled after that one.  He is definitely a keeper, but
who knows what Pitino will do?
    If the Celtics go to Channel 68, as the Red Sox did for half their
games, we will for the first time in many years not be able to see those
games.  It's a local Boston channel and unless a cable channel picks it
up, (and we don't have cable, either) those of us not right in Boston
can't see the games there.  We have a large satellite dish, and 68 is
not on satellite.  It might force us to get a small dish and just
purchase the basketball package.  I'm hoping the Celtics go with the Fox
Sports New England deal.  They do a much better job than WSBK anyway,
and I can't stand the latter's pushing their junky shows all evening.  I
realize, having said that, some people on this list from across the
country can get WSBK and can't get FSNE.  I guess for their sakes we
should hope they do keep up the status quo.