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Re: Matt Geiger

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From: Noah P. Evans <ishbak@conknet.com>
To: Cecil Wright <cecil@hfx.andara.com>; Demetre-da-phat-dawg
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Date: Sunday, July 12, 1998 1:07 AM
Subject: RE: Matt Geiger

>> I don't know where you're finding these numbers, but they are certainly
>> *NOT* the same numbers the NBA has for Geiger.
>He averaged 15 and 10 when he was starting for Divac.
>> The back injury he suffered last season most definitely will not make him
>> any more nimble then he is already.  In other words, he ain't
>> that mobile to
>> begin with, comprendez?
>He had a back injury last season? I thought it was the season before.

I wouldn't be so quick to make an assumption on 35-40 games started by a
fragile 7 footer.

>> Between DQ and Travis, they combined for 11.9 ppg and 9.7 boards.  While
>> this is hardly a glowing compliment, it may paint a more accurate
>> portrayal
>> of Geiger's true worth.
>Not really. Those two didn't have to start behind Divac, a much better

Well neither did Geiger for a significant period of time right?