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Who to get rid of

The Boston Celtics are a promising team that will do even better this
year, but there are a few players that need to go..
Pervis Ellison: Pervis is an injury prone player that has not
contributed to our team. He is a raw center who is past his prime, and
he wonít give us help in the middle like we need. We need to get rid of
his contract and its hard to, and now that the lockout is here, we cant
do anything. But the point is that pervis has no place on our team, and
he doesnt play half the time. We need somebody better. Unfortunately he
has no trade value, but when his contract is up, maybe we can waive him,
but he definitely has to go. Another thing, Pervis doent have any
strengths, he should be our waterboy instead.

Greg Minor: This guy doesnt fit into Rickís system. A guard should shoot
the ball well, but minor is a poor shooter. He played small forward, and
still he didnt do anything. Greg has poor lateral movement, which hurts
his defense, his contract is ridiculous, he cannot pass the ball, he
doesnt penetrate, shooting is a joke in his game, Greg doesnt score
well, and he is mediocre at best on the free throw line. He has been a

Dontae Jones: He doesnt work hard, he shoots it too much, he has a
crappy attitude because he doesnt like to listen to Rick. He doesnt fit
in our system, and would be better on another team.

Popeye Jones: Popeye is not very good. He cannot rebound anymore, he
doesnt defend very well, Popeye cant take on the bigger men in the NBA.
He may change though if he gets minutes, but he shouldnít get minutes
over the other guys on our team. We have to see what happens. I know his
contract isnt worth much, but heh, with the other guys it would be best
if he was waived.

Travis Knight: I have mixed feelings about him. He was a disappointment
last year, and I think we should get rid of his big contract. If we
cant, than he better develop fast. Last year he was a poor defender, he
didnt rebound, and didnt shoot well either. At the free throw line, he
was mediocre at best. We have to wait and see.

Reggie Hanson: This guy is not NBA material. He has no place here, and
is not a center that would help us. Lets get rid of him after the
lockout ASAP.

Iím glad Edney and Tabak are gone. If we get rid of these guys that I
listed, we would have more cap money.