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re:Bob Ryan etc

Hey gentle ladies and men, did any of you all check out Bob Ryan's
latest column about the World Cup?


Not that it's anywhere near his best sports article, but it reminded me
how lucky we Boston fans are IMO to have an educated guy like Ryan
covering local team sports, even if lately he's definitely becoming a
bit of a sentimentalist.  Personally, I've always been a sucker for that
stuff (Puccini operas etc.)

One nice thing about the Celtics hopeful reversal of fortune is that
this might entice Bob Ryan and Dan Shaughnessy to come around  to the
Fleet Center on a daily basis, notepad in hand. Peter May is probably a
nice guy but he covers the Boston Celtics and NBA beat as a whole with
an irritating cynicism and indifference.  Trust me younger list members
(because I'm 33) that this level of crappy, second-rate coverage has
never been the norm for Boston.

As "therapy", I read the on-line New York Post to see how funny and
conversation-starting a good sports story can occasionally still be with
your morning coffee or bagel. For example, last week there was a Post
article blasting David Cone's latest pathetic pitching performance (a
7-hit shutout) and the Yankees' miserable first half as a whole ("we're
still only 2,556 games ahead of Boston, but it's early yet").  A lot of
that stuff may be second-rate and in any case parochial (theyíre rooting
for the wrong, damn team!), but at least New York sports writers know
how to evoke the drama of a key pitching sequence, know how important it
is to grab the readers imagination, and share the same sort of
passionate love/hate of all the home team players we reserve only for
family members.

Iím sorry to be off-topic.  Hey, Greg-O, I hope you wonít give me grief
by keeping track of how many endless yada, yada posts Iíve made this
week.  Over here, nobody really works during a World Cup.

Bon weekend,

Joe H

I can see a crowd gathering just outside for tonight's "Three Tenors"
concert on the Champ de Mars. Pretty fantastic.  Nessun Dorma! (nobody