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Re: Playing at BC

They were saying WEEI that 'Nique looked superb. He's 38 and still
loves the game. I know his stay here wasn't great, but in that final
playoff game in the Garden, when he scored 20 points and grabbed 18
rebounds against Shaq and the Magic, was a memory I won't forget. I'd
never seen 'Nique play with such heart. That was a GREAT game. Too bad
we lost. 

---Theresa Lee <tjoyce@mit.edu> wrote:
> A friend at work was over at Boston College the other day and watched
> 'Nique, Dana and Walter work out. He was very impressed by 'Nique's
> physique (this guy is a former wide receiver at Cal, so if he's
> impressed...). I also asked about Walter and he said that he's
bulked up
> and is back to his Kentucky playing weight. No ther noticable changes.
> Walter and Dana are the only two who stayed in town this summer and
> are working hard.

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