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Re: C's on FoxSportNE

At 06:56 7/10/98 , J. Mark Estepp wrote:
>I have a couple of television related questions.
>1. Is FoxSports showing C's games this summer?  If so, what night?

 So far no "Encore" games have aired  but  I will keep my eyes open and if
any scheduling comes to my attention (I program sports schedules for
sportsbars here in the Southwest as a sideline) i will post them to the
list ASAP.
>2. I'm considering getting rid of my big dish, and going with a small dish.
>Will someone who has a small dish tell me what they have, and what coverage
>they get?  

I have both a BUD and a pizza dish (Again for my work) but they actually
compliment each other quite well!  My suggestion is to keep the BUD and get
a DSS as well if it is feasible. With the BUD you can get UPN38 at a
reasonable price and use the DSS and the NBA package to get the Fox Sports
New England Celtic games also at a reasonable price. This will save you
from having to order the  SportsChannel package on the  BUD. The NBA
package is the most comprehensive of  the Big Three (NBA NHL MLB)
The NFL shows all their games excluding Blackout games. The NHL and MLB
packs offer about 35-40 games per week while the NBA pack airs well over
90%!! They air a combo of both Regional and Hometown channels games which
is great as you get to hear all of the various announcing teams!! Some
UPN38 games are included in the NBA package but not all so if getting the
local broadcasts is what you want the above has worked super for me. I
don't recommend Dish Network because UPN38 probably won't hold the rights
for too much longer and you can't get the NBA package
through DISH. I'm sure other listers have some other ideas for you as well!
Here is the current pricing for the NBA League Pass:

                 1998-99 NBA LEAGUE PASS PRICING
                 Package: Early Bird 
                 Information: Order NBA LEAGUE PASS today and
                 save $20 off of the regular season price!
                 Available: 4/20/98 - 9/30/98
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Hope this helps.Later.Mike