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RE: Walker trade

> New Jersey - Jayson Williams and some #1 picks (depending upon how much
> he re-signs for)

I doubt the Nets would do this. The Nets are swimming in offensive players
right now. A defender, rebounder like Williams(although Walker isn't bad in
these fields--Williams is just better) is what NJ really needs right now.

> Detroit - Grant  Hill and Lindsey Hunter (would make Barros a trade
> option, if need be)


> Denver - Raef LaFrentz, Dean Garrett and LaPhonso Ellis (upon
> re-signing)

This trade is grossly in favor of the Nuggets. While Lafrentz has the
possibility to be a productive foward/center, he doesn't have the superstar
potential of Walker. Garrett is reminiscent of Alton Lister(he would be
nice, but not for Antoine). And Ellis needs to prove he can stay healthy for
an extended period of time. This trade would be a monstrous gamble.

> Minnesota - Tom Gugliotta (if re-signed for 7-8 million)

Even up. I'd take it.

> San Antonio - Tim Duncan and Sean Elliott

SA would never get rid of Duncan(even to be rid of Elliot). Robinson would
be more likely.

> Seattle - Vin Baker and Hersey Hawkins

This is the most likely of the trades you've mentioned. Noting Baker's
devotion to Karl and interest in Boston, Seattle might have no choice but to
trade him.