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Re: Value

> It can happen.  If we trade AW, it will likely not be for a player of
> equal value (like Rahim) but one or two who bring us other abilities
> and could possibly make us better.  I still think Kemp and Sura would
> be about equal.

I think at  this point in time that Shareef is worth more than Antoine.
Shareef would certainly be worth more in Boston than Walker would be in
Vancouver simply because Shareef's mature attitude would fit in with
fellow young star Ron Mercer.

Center - [free agent]
Power Forward - Jones
Small Forward - Rahim
Shooting Guard - Mercer
Point Guard - Anderson


C: DeClercq / Ellison
PF: McCarty / Knight
SF: Pierce / Minor
SG: Bowen / Jones
PG: Barros / [free agent]

That sounds to me like a very good team. If they  dealt Pierce and a
future #1 pick for a quality center they would be  in the playoffs
without a doubt and with the maturity that could go very far.