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Re: $100 million contracts

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From: Jim Meninno <jim_meninno@hotmail.com>
>You expect the T-wolves to be able to sign both Gugliotta and Marbury???
>You must be the only one.

I don't buy the media perception, in fact last year also they spread the
rumour saying that the T-Wolves won't be able to retain Garnett. Here is my
logic, Googs has said that he is willing to sign with the t-wolves for 7-8
mill per year and say they give a hundred mill dollar extension to Marbury.
I don't know how well they have managed their cap, but this core itself
will cost them 38 mill approx to begin with. Add 10 mill for others and
there salaries will be in 48-50 mill dollar range which is in Chicago -
Knicks territory..and is also the price one has to pay for winning
championship(s) in future. Everybody is saying that how could t-wolves
possibly afford a 48-50 mill in salaries, but in doing so they forget that
Paul Allen, Rich Devoss and Micky Arison are not the only billionaire in
this business..Glen Taylor is too and as per forbes he has more money than
Devoss and Arison. - Mishra