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Re: Pitino or Walker

>From: damekmo@teleport.com
>Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 22:31:55 -0800
>To: celtics@igtc.COM
>Subject: Re: Pitino or Walker

He has
>a thing for Kentucky players...no? Would it be too strong to call it an
>obsession? Any other college coaches come into the NBA and start 
>their former players around with such.....vigor? Who's next, Tony Delk? 
>for Pitino, it's "the system" above all else. Mashburn may be a proven
>mediocre-to-allright-at-best NBA player, but by God he was a very good
>player in college under "the system" and "the system" works....right? 
>worked in college. Has to work in the NBA. Mashburn is a mediocre 
>defender, ball-handler, who takes a ton of ill-advised shots....but
>otherwise he's just what the Celtics need at small forward.
>Paul M

Paul, why don't you save this for after we get Delk or Mashburn, if 
you're so convinced it's going to happen.  As far as chasing his own 
players, we already had Walker and picking Mercer was far from 
questionable.  McCarty is the only move you could question regarding 
Kentucky players and he probably wouldn't have done that if we didn't 
already have the other two.  It wasn't such a bad idea to have a few 
people who had played together before.  Hanson was just a fill in after 
the season was already lost.  On top of that, he had a chance to take 
another in this year's draft and passed it up.  He was ready to take a 
virtual unknown in Nowitzki ahead of Mohammed.


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