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Kentucky '96 debate

After reading several messages from people arguing over the '96 team I thought
I would set the record straight.

-Whoever said that Mercer scored 20 points in the '96 championship game is
correct.  He did in fact do that.


-Whoever said that Mercer wasn't a "star" on the team was also correct.  It's
hard to define exactly who the "stars" on that team were because there were so
many, but when you look at the whole season MErcer was more of a role player
than anything else.  IMO, Walker, Tony Delk, and Walter McCarty were the
"Stars" of the team...maybe Derek Anderson also.  But I wouldn't call Mercer a
"star" of his freshman team.  It wasn't until the next year (96-97) that he
consistently started and was consistently a big scorer for them.