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Re: goodbye oh selfish one...

At 10:16 PM 7/6/98 -0700, Mishra wrote :
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>From: Ryan Lee <Ryan.Lee@parexel.com>

>>     Whoever wrote that Walker is selfish should have get an
>>     award.  I love the Celts but I cringed the day Walker was made
>>     captain.  Get rid of him while you can Gaston.
>Needless to say I disagree with you, I cringed at the day when the C's
>couldn't find a better player than Dee Brown to be the captain of the team.
>It's been a while since a celtics captain is also an all star.
So is the captain supposed to be the best player?  Or is he supposed to be
someone who leads the team (by play, attitude, example).  Is he supposed to
be a role model for the team?  If so, it's sad that anybody went to the
mini-camp.  Don't understand their roles, I guess.