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**** Snip ****
 I'm beginning to think some people don't even stop to think about
> how much money a million dollars is.  
**** Snip ****
> Dorine

I snipped quite alot, and must admit that I believe that Dorine's comments
to the effect that maybe the agents should be held responsible for some of
the problems is correct.  But I chose this statement because I believe it
is in a certain way quite true.  I don't think that most players do know
how much a million dollars is worth, and I would hazard to say I don't
think they really care.  Let me explain.

How old is Walker? 21?
How long has he been playing basketball?  Most of his life, maybe?
Walker is obviously talented - plays in the NBA ( a feat in of itself, not
to be overlooked), All-Star, etc..
Probably most of his life has been spent competing, which creates a certain
type of outlook.  In sports we think in terms of ranking, both on a team
level (i.e. NCAA rankings, NBA standings, etc.) and an individual one (
All-Americans, All-Stars, etc.)  As hard as one may try to be on a team
that wins Championships, it is obvious that every team cannot be champion. 
So while this may be true, hopefully all players still strive to make their
teams better.  But also, because players come from such a competitive
background, it is ridiculous to think they don't care where they fit among
the rest of the league as far as an individual player.  And what does
professional sports offer in terms of ranking individuals that is more
obvious than salaries.  

I mean, how long is the offseason?  With the regular season so long and
grueling, how many ways can you spend the kind of money the top players
make in a year?  How many cars, cell phones, houses?  And does that satisfy
any of the needs that this type contract issue actually represent?  I don't
really think so.  Anyways this is where the agent enters.  Either the
player turns to his agent, or the agent turns to the player and says, " Did
you see the contract 'so&so' got? I (you) are much better than him....

Man, I have been rambling, and I am not sure how coherent this really is..
sorry.  One last note, I don't argue against the right of
owners/businesspeople to profits, but I would argue that I wouldn't turn to
being a professional sports team owner if that was the only reason I got
into that business.

Well enough of my babbling already.  Back to lurking ....

William Bragg
Kawagoe, Japan

The gentle reader will never, never know what a consummate ass he can
become, until he goes abroad.
Mark Twain (18351910), U.S. author. The Innocents Abroad, ch. 23 (1869).