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Re: goodbye oh selfish one...

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From: Ryan Lee <Ryan.Lee@parexel.com>

>     It's about damn time someone spoke up about Walker.  The last time I
>     said something about Walker's showboating and selfishness, half the
>     group attacked me and one "competent" person (who shall go unnameless)
>     had the audacity to compare Walker's stats to Jordan's and said that
>     Walker is not too far behind Jordan.

If that is what the person did then he did no wrong, sure Walker's stats are
comparable to Jordan's. Jordan has more points and assists. Walker has more
rebounds. Now if that somebody says that Walker is equal to Jordan in
basketball skill then that would be totally erroneous for he has ways to go.

>    Sure Walker averaged 6 assists
>     and scored 20+ a game but the Celts would still lose when Walker would
>     go for the big numbers.  Oh but the team is not as good as the Bulls
>     as a whole.  Puhleaze, don't tell me that Steve Kerr, Ron Harper, and
>     Toni (Wide open J) Kukoc are light years ahead of Mercer, Barros, and
>     Bowen (I believe Bowen is a better defender than Harper).

You counted the role players and left the two key components Pippen and
Rodman, they make the Bulls better than celtics or for that matter any other

>    Also Walker's shot selection is horrid for an
>     All Star player?  He puts up three pointers like he was Ainge, except
>     he has half the consistency Ainge had.  Don't get me wrong, Walker has
>     potential and he put up great numbers for a 21 year old but let's face
>     it, with the exception of his rebounding, his scoring was extremely
>     forced.

The team needed a pg to run the offense and with Anderson onboard, Walker's
shot selection and output improved dramatically. Neither Billups nor Barros
are pg's and that had something to do with players having to take last
second shots or force shots because they couldn't get open looks. Regarding
3 pointers walker shot at 31.3% a clip which is not bad at all.

>     Whoever wrote that Walker is selfish should have get an
>     award.  I love the Celts but I cringed the day Walker was made
>     captain.  Get rid of him while you can Gaston.

Needless to say I disagree with you, I cringed at the day when the C's
couldn't find a better player than Dee Brown to be the captain of the team.
It's been a while since a celtics captain is also an all star.
           - Mishra